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In full flow…

Skatefurther store now open for business!
Exciting news this week in the Skatefurther world as we have now made the once elusive merchandise easier than ever to get your hands on. Clicking on the picture below will take you to the store.

On the store you will find designs old and new, on most of the t-shirts you can choose the colour. As well as giving your wardrobe a boost, and helping you look more awesome, part of the price you pay will also help support the cost of running the site. Happy days!

Adrenalina NYC
Not long to go now! Adrenalina NYC needs no introduction and kicks off the first not-quite-world-tour, but certainly biggest step forward in distance longboarding in recent years. Racers are now winging there way to participate from far flung corners to step up to the challenge.

If like me you can’t be there, the next best thing for sure is to hit up PushCulture.

They will be bringing you the best of the action live and as ever will make sure that you don’t miss a thing. As well as the usual news crew, LongtreksonskatedecksAaron Enevoldsen will be flying in from Canada to help with the live broadcast of the event.  You can be sure that with is distance experience Aaron is sure to have plenty of relevant and entertaining content to contribute. It’s going to be one hell of a show.

For more information about the event and what will be going on during the day, everything can be found in Adrenalina’s latest press release.  Best of luck to everyone taking part! It’s going to be a close call.

Summer Ultraskate13
With Adrenalina NYC happening the same weekend, this may have not had the coverage that is deserves. Weather permitting, the Dutch ultra-crew will be once again out in force to push the boundaries of what is physically possible in Summer Ultraskate13. The Paris Ultraskate was a warm up for this. Can’t wait to see some personal bests beaten and hopefully some records!

Goodwood prep
Training is in full swing for me, lots of cross-training using the flat then uphill route described in my previous post and trying to balance of work and longboarding successfully. I’m still dialing in my setup so until I’m 100% confident that it is perfect I won’t be divulging anything else G|Bomb-esque – with the LBL Pusher broken I need to get this right.

Until next time…

Unwavering Inspiration

It’s been a very cold and Wintry few weeks. I’ve not  longboarded properly since the 21st November and it is starting to feel like a very, very long time.  I was lucky enough to receive new helmet for my brithday – a black Bern Brentwood. Although the event has come and gone (it was at the end of October) I’ve not had much chance to really test it out.

My first impressions, after a couple of short sessions and a day trip where really good. It’s very comfortable, light and oh so airy. Before binning my old RED Trace which had become a bit of a health hazard, I weighed the two helmets and the new one was over 100 grams lighter. I know that doesn’t seem like much, but in the end you really do feel the difference.

Since Winter has properly arrived in the form of much snow and ice, my front knee has been playing up. After an MRI scan, I found out that my kneecap isn’t tracking properly and I’ve got a little cartilage wear. Nothing too serious thankfully but it is still painful. I’m doing everything possible to get better quickly and back on a board. However, since the snow means that no skating can be had it doesn’t really matter too much. Better to be injured now that in the summer!

In the meantime here is a list of things which are keeping me stoked:
– The latest Longtreks espisode – reminding me why I love distance skateboarding
Bennet Mods – LDP geekery (love it!)
Talk of multiple Adrenalina marathons worldwide, expect more news early in 2011
The DSA – distance goes legit!
PushCulture Apparel – skate-specific clothing, really awesome to see this project come to fruition

In what is likely to be the last post of 2010, I want to sincerely thank all of you that continue to read this blog, be you avid readers or people who just happen to come across it on internet travels.  All the inspiration, comments and support really is appreciated and valued. I wish everyone a wonderful Christmas full of joy and as well as a very Happy New Year. Perhaps we’ll meet during the adventures 2011 will surely bring. If this year is “the year it all went off” what will next year bring!

Right, I’m off to get my flight. Hopefully it’ll take off despite the snow – it’s not cancelled, yet!