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Drinking tea

Last Sunday, after Tim left, an impromptu reunion took place. I was joined by a good friend Phildar who had left the comfort of his ‘Calaisfornia’ to come to Paris for a concert and some KFC. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t with us so we hung out and were joined by Marvin. We talked some more about various projects that are in the pipeline, about gear and of the events we’d been to in 2010.

Skate culture is radical, death-defying and hardcore, right? Well it seems that once off the boards we become more civilised, tea-drinking folk. Shred-gnar! It’s with a slightly ironic feeling that I choose to post this in the ‘Sessions’ category, but tea rules!

Rock on! Thanks Phildar for the pic.

For the record, I didn’t manage to convince either of them that real tea is taken with milk…next time perhaps. ;-)

Final training for Goodwood

Ok so on Wednesday I got some time to get out and try some runs to work out my average speed. I wasn’t on top form physically speaking as it was late and I was tired. It was difficult to find some long stretches of uninterrupted smooth roads which are necessary to work out an average speed successfully.

The results are ok though but due to the short distances they aren’t that conclusive:

1st run:

2nd run:

3rd run (wet):

I was not going completely full-out but around 95%. At around 9pm the heavens opened and I was reminded of my trip with Tim in the rain. What is good is that I’ll hopefully be able to beat last year’s time!

Once home I came across something that I’ll need to keep monitoring:

There are some pretty hefty cracks appearing in my beloved LBL Pusher! Oh no! We’ve done so many miles together but I think that it will be ok for Goodwood. Can’t wait for the race – tomorrow we’re heading on a road trip in Alex’s car and picking up Phildar on the way. Tim will meet us early on Sunday and then we’ll be making our way to the circuit! Woo!

See you Sunday if you’re there!