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Back once again…

Last week I was spending some time getting back to my longboarding roots: snowboarding.
I won’t bore you with the details here, but if you fancy it you can read more about how I longboarding got into my life here.

I didn’t have access to the Internet for the whole of last week – it was nice to take a break from it all, even though I did wonder what was going on in the longboarding world. I even dreamed about Skaiti! I’m itching to get started with preparing for it.

My mind is still swimming with all the information of events and happenings that I’ve been made aware about since my return. Once things get a little more organised I’ll post information on here – it safe to say though that this year is going to be busy!

I little before I left for the mountains, a close friend who I’ve managed through constant nagging to get back into longboarding sent me some picture of his now vintage boards. A Chronic Crew and a mysteriously named Big Red X – enjoy!