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Through the different sports that I’ve got my self into over the years, longboarding included, one of the lessons I’ve learnt is to beware of becoming overconfident or nonchalant. I seem to forget it sometimes…

I’d planned to participate in the 321 roller session tonight like last week except that the weather was against that idea. It rained most of the afternoon but when I came home the pavement was drying up nicely. Still, I’ve been feeling pretty tired recently and I felt that a rest might be nice. Also my shoes badly need replacing so anything other than bone-dry pavements is a little risky.

However, when I came home I realised that some shopping needed to be done – nice, I could go by longboard! Result! I decided that as the distance was short I wouldn’t need my helmet or gloves…walking out the door I thought to myself “usually this means that you fall over – nah…I’ll be fine”.

Once the shopping was done it was time to ride home – the fun bit. Very short but nice hill down the Avenue du Docteur Arnold Netter. I’ve been practising some sharp turns recently and thought I’d carve it up…after a rather overenthusiastic one the inevitable happened: