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Longboard Sessions – spreading the gnar

I arrived home today to a nice parcel containing my new t-shirt from Longboard Sessions. As can be seen here in close-up:

But why buy a t-shirt, I hear you ask? Here’s the reason, a really good one too, in Gav’s words (organiser of Longboard Sessions):

We’re producing a run of t-shirts of which ALL profits will go towards buying a banshee bungee for the UK scene. If there’s a UK race/freeride on and they want it, we’ll post it to them along with a sack of stickers to spread the stoke. Get a t-shirt and skate your local hill at double the speed! GNAR!

So there you have it from the man himself. Tonight I wore the t-shirt on a small ride to go and see some friends, I was late but I ended up getting there faster than I thought I would – coincidence? I think not…must have been the extra gnar I was carrying around.

I wonder if he’ll post the bungee to France…