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News this week

So, last Monday I ended up going for the first session in a while. I firstly met up with Christian Schlumpf and we got down for some LDP action, he hadn’t ridden an LDP setup before so it was interesting to him go from curious to stoked! I’ve been playing around with the new Siesmic truck that I’ve recently acquired and I’m loving the kick (return to centre) that it has…

We then met up at the Vallée de la Jeunesse with Arrash and ended up meeting two other locals (including Matthieu) who seemed to really know what they were doing. They were totally nailing the DH sections, unlike me!

Since, then the weather and time constraints have meant that I haven’t done any more boarding so this post will be kept pretty short. Tomorrow I am off to visit the home of Bustin, Longboardloft, Unclefunky’s, Earthwing, Concretekings, the Broadway Bomb and Pastrami – I cannot wait!

After that week of debauchery in the Big Apple, it’ll be a relaxing few days of farniente in Spain where I’ll be mainly enjoying the playa so don’t expect too much action here for the next fortnight…after all that I’ll be back and raring to go with some reports of my adventures!

Big shout out to the people who continue to read this blog…I’ve received some really nice comments recently so thanks for reading!

Hereandla sponsored by time at work

So today is officially my last day of paid work in Paris for some time to come. What better way to spend it then trawling the web picking up the tastiest and most interesting (in my opinion, anyway) bits and bobs.

Long distance
First up, the “Long distance” section of the Whoisadamcolton site. This is an oldie, but it is a goodie and is often overlooked. On there you’ll find many answers to some of the more difficult questions surrounding a distance trip, all in Adam’s unique style. From why go on a trip to five simple steps which are sure to help you succeed and get the most out of any trip.

Everyone knows that it’s better to be prepared for the worst and wear a helmet. The problem is that sometimes the choice of brands to choose from can seem pretty limited. Poc Sports, a Swedish company has just released a new line up of helmets that will certainly help you stand out from the crowd. Their Receptor+ line are perfect for those want a helmet to used in various conditions and sports.

Through reading my various news feeds, a good few pretty impressive smaller companies have caught my attention, amongst them Uncommon Boards for their original looking shapes and BCLongboards for their clean lines. Remember the time when trying to find a new longboard brand was like trying to find a needle in a haystack!

No wood, no foam
I love carbon. I love the look and I love the fact that perfecting a deck making technique using carbon is a difficult thing. The skills needed to make something black, shiny and ridable are pretty impressive but yield beautiful results.

It’s impressive that so many small workshops have turned their engineering and manufacturing processes to the small the welcoming sport of longboarding. And people have said that skilled craftsmen are a thing of the past. Thank you Skunktech and all the other small brands for keeping the dream alive.

Keep up to date
We are lucky to be living in times where the growth of longboarding seemingly knows no limits. This can make it difficult to keep up with latest news and developments. The Longboardism site is one of my favourites at the moment, it is well laid out easy to use and integrates nicely with my Greader. Check it out!

The Bustin IBACH
Like them as a company or not, Bustin are part of the reason why NYC riders are placed firmly at the top of list of quickest marathon times. The ability for them as a company to really spur on the growth of their scene is inspirational. This organic growth has seen the birth of PushCulture, LongboardLoft and now this collaborative board designed with BozBoards Mike Bozinovski.

The IBACH will push Bustin further and ensure that 2011 goes to a next level:

We’ve heard your cries for a board that is built for speed, and this is our answer. A collaborative effort with Mike Bozinovski of Boz Boards in Toronto, the mold is built to lock in your feet so you feel safe and secure when even the tiniest mistakes are unforgivable. To top it off we’ve added a little Bustin innovation in the form of our new Slide Rail System, designed to keep the board under your feet through high speed, big slides. Every inch of this board has been tweaked by the scientists here at Bustin Brooklyn and we’re as proud as ever to release this new deck to the world.

Well done guys!

King of Parking on TV!
A little while ago I described the King of Parking event that was help at La Defence at the end of January. It turns out that we had some journalists at the event and the result of their work can be seen here.  Enjoy!