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Brussels – go there for the beer and the Car Free Sunday!

As was posted on the main Skatefurther page last Sunday was that magical time of year when the city of Brussels in Belgium empties of cars and people take over the streets on bikes, rollerblades and of course longboards. Alex Bangnoi and myself went to check it out – we’d heard rumours that some Dutch people were going to make the trip there too.

Stepping onto the street, my usual reflex is to stop, look and listen as we’re taught in school. There was no need to as the streets were like this:

After a morning charging around the streets, we finally met up with some other longboarders at the aptly named ‘Héros’ bus stop.

It turned out that the Dutch crew were out in force – seven cars made the trip from all over Holland to enjoy the empty streets. There is a myth that Belgium is flat and I can assure you that this city has hills, yes hills! Alex and I had it in mind to push, push, push but the reason for so many people coming to the city was for the hills!

I got the chance to meet up with both Jochem and Jesse with whom I did CaRott…happy days! Jochem, along with some others are going to support Jesse in the latest Ultraskate (12) where he’ll attempt to push further and for longer than ever before! His current personal best is 334km/207 miles – best of luck in beating it! From the sounds of things he’s been in some serious training…

It was also great to catch up with Edwin Drommel and see some of his latest creations under the Baka Boards brand.

For longboarders, the city turned into a ski-resort, with the buses and trams giving an easy ride to the top for endless fun downhill runs. Here a Dutch/Belgian boarder styles it up…I’m somewhere behind (thanks Alex for the picture).

I didn’t have my GPS with me so I don’t know how far we skated but we were at it for most of the day and I worked up quite a sweat. It was enjoyable to soak up the festival atmosphere, cruise around the streets and enjoy the long downhill stretches around the huge parkland area in the South-East of the city.

The train ride home provided some time for reflection, but mainly sleep! Thanks to Jochem my bag was full of Stroopwafels as well as other Beligian goodies…

I decided to take the Strike out for it’s first serious outing since the setup changes. I wanted to pump a little so used Venom SHR in sea-foam green board side along with some purple Sabres road side for more rebound…yummy. Below is a picture of my attempt at Shadow boxing (see bottom of page).