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Step up and skate!

It has been my aim for a while (since Skaiti, in fact) to hold an Ultraskate in or around Paris. It is not an easy task since, especially in a urban environment since you either have to have a lot of room or more ideally, a circuit which is accessible for 24h. The Hippodrôme de Longchamp, even if it not perfect soon appeared to be the best place. The Paris Push Race last Autumn was held not too far away and since then Romain Bessière and I have planned to try and attempt to organise an Ultraskate.

After lots of ummming and ahhhing The Paris Ultra was born and since launching a few people have shown an interest. I expect that at the end of it all there will be around 15 of us there with possibly a small handful aiming to go for the full 24h.

Romain Bessière who is already a distance ninja, will be trying very hard to beat the current world record of 403km held by Paul Kent. He has already come pretty close, having completed just over 330km at the Le mans 24h roller marathon in 2007. Other than that it will be great to get back to Paris and meet up with old friends.

Hopefully before then I’ll be able to get some training in, and try out some recipes to make home-made endurance food…more to come on that at a later date.