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Weekend antics

So last weekend went by in a bit of a blur and the agenda, mostly taken up with longboarding events was a welcome break from the usual routine.

Longskate Video Party
As it was predicted, this year’s video party was the biggest yet with people flocking to La Cantada from all ever France and even further afield with Quebec being represeted by some of the founders/riders of Rotule Longboards.  In the end, the Bordeaux Longskate Club summed up the evening perfectly:

In the depths of Winter, this event has become the perfect opportunity to meet up with friends over a beer and a few longboarding videos

It is this simple concept which explains why this evening is so popular and from my point of view it did not disappoint. My personal favourites were, in no particular order St-Aubin freeride 2010 [by Quas0]Tibs Parise Longboard Video Team Sector 9 [by Ludo]Paris Pusch Race V1 [by Wasch] (I’m a little bit biased about this one, I admit!) , Trick Tips – La tirette [by Arno].  All the results are here, but from my point of view this evening really is about the participation, and not about the winning. I didn’t stay until the end as I was really knackered (lame!) but what can I say, I’m growing old. The full results and recap, in French are here.

Next year there is talk about the format evolving, or at least starting earlier…hopefully all the changes will only go to making this evening even more of a success! Big thanks goes to Pappy Boyington for organising this evening for the sixth in a row!

KOP Powa
I love nothing more that huge open spaces away from the hustle and bustle of urban dwellings. Therefore, I find it hard to understand why I like riding in car parks so much. There really is nothing like it.  It’s probably due to the fact that it is forbidden…

Although grainy, the above shot really captures the atmosphere of what it is like to speed down the spiral of the Beaulieu Car Park at La Défence. Just imagine the same picture with 70 longboarders in it, all wanting to grab the hypothetical ‘crown’.  After a long wait in the cold the race started. There were no practice runs on the day, this was a one run race and no room for error. After the race, everyone ‘sessioned’ the spot for all it was worth, racking in run after run until we were kindly told to get on our way. It was high time we went though, there was a new king to announce – and this is almost certainly his anthem!

In the end it is Clement Gayraud (of BourreHouseMedia and Longboard Larry fame) who was crowned king…

In the above picture we were going over the finer points of stretching…well done to him and to all the other’s for joining in with the fun. A big thank is also in order to the organisers, Urbandrift and Antoine ‘Babar’  Caput! Hopefully this will be a yearly event…

Here is the report from the day we did for PushCulture news – I need practice my introductions a little beforehand. This was properly ‘off the cuff’ stuff!


Unwavering Inspiration

It’s been a very cold and Wintry few weeks. I’ve not  longboarded properly since the 21st November and it is starting to feel like a very, very long time.  I was lucky enough to receive new helmet for my brithday – a black Bern Brentwood. Although the event has come and gone (it was at the end of October) I’ve not had much chance to really test it out.

My first impressions, after a couple of short sessions and a day trip where really good. It’s very comfortable, light and oh so airy. Before binning my old RED Trace which had become a bit of a health hazard, I weighed the two helmets and the new one was over 100 grams lighter. I know that doesn’t seem like much, but in the end you really do feel the difference.

Since Winter has properly arrived in the form of much snow and ice, my front knee has been playing up. After an MRI scan, I found out that my kneecap isn’t tracking properly and I’ve got a little cartilage wear. Nothing too serious thankfully but it is still painful. I’m doing everything possible to get better quickly and back on a board. However, since the snow means that no skating can be had it doesn’t really matter too much. Better to be injured now that in the summer!

In the meantime here is a list of things which are keeping me stoked:
– The latest Longtreks espisode – reminding me why I love distance skateboarding
Bennet Mods – LDP geekery (love it!)
Talk of multiple Adrenalina marathons worldwide, expect more news early in 2011
The DSA – distance goes legit!
PushCulture Apparel – skate-specific clothing, really awesome to see this project come to fruition

In what is likely to be the last post of 2010, I want to sincerely thank all of you that continue to read this blog, be you avid readers or people who just happen to come across it on internet travels.  All the inspiration, comments and support really is appreciated and valued. I wish everyone a wonderful Christmas full of joy and as well as a very Happy New Year. Perhaps we’ll meet during the adventures 2011 will surely bring. If this year is “the year it all went off” what will next year bring!

Right, I’m off to get my flight. Hopefully it’ll take off despite the snow – it’s not cancelled, yet!