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Winter outing: Vevey and quite a bit past Montreux…

Skating during the week has become impossible, mostly mentally because it is so dark and cold but also phyisically because recently the weather has been wet. This isn’t all bad though because it means that the snow is finally falling – some 2 metres or so have fallen higher up whilst the town centre is looking rather white.

A week last Sunday was the first time in a while that the conditions were good and that I had some time to go and skate. I’ve been itching to go for a while so it was nice to finally get outside in the weak Winter sun. I decided to continue exploring the route that I found in Vevey during this trip.  It is the start of the national Swiss Roller skating route number 2 the Rhône Skate which in total is about 100km (62 miles).

Unfortuately, I didn’t have enough battery on my phone to record exactly where I went but the round trip was a little over the 30km (18 miles) mark. Here is a very rough map showing an approximate route:

I firstly took the train from Lausanne to Vevey and then quickly found the very well signposted route which led to Montreux. In Montreux there started to be many people who were also making the most sun and the Christmas market. Pretty soon I had to carry my board and weave though the human traffic… by some wrong turn I actually found myself in the main Christmas tent complete with gospel singers. Needless to say I was not dressed for the occasion and by the looks I got I was a little out of place.

Still, I was in the mood to discover what the path ahead had in store for me. A little more walking had to be done around the Chateau de Chillon as well as a fair bit more stroller slalom:

As soon as I got out of the town I had a rest and took in the nice view back towards Lausanne:

I carried on a bit more along the route which started to take me away from the lake and towards Villeneuve and the Grand Canal. The view inland really opened out and I decided to stop and take some pictures. There were no cars and only a few walkers who were braving the cold. The path wasn’t great quality but it was certainly longboard-able. I think that it wasn’t helped by the fact that quite a lot of mud and stones had been brought onto the paths by the tractors and other equipment which use the roads.

I drew some attention from some local wildlife too! ;-)

It was possibly the sight of my longboard or, come to think of it, the smell of my gloves! A little later I headed back to Montreux by the same route and got the train back home. All in all it was lovely to stretch the legs and make the most of some dry weather. It looks like my next outing on a longboard will probably be next year now… it’s a good job that there are other kinds of boards to ride too!


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  1. Bevilacqua

    Nice introduction to Season Greatings !

    December 19, 2011 at 18:08

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