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Adrenalina – watching from the outside

It’s 1pm (GMT+1) last Saturday, the 30th July 2011 and I am sitting in the Pschorr brewery in Munich, Germany, eating würstl and Fass-sauerkraut accompanied by a glass of their refreshing Helles beer.

 As nice as this all is, beer, smiling mädchen and all, my mind keeps on wondering how is everyone getting on at the Adrenalina marathon in NYC. I’m pretty sure that two names will be on the podium but as we all know, these events often bring surprises. When I finally saw the top three results I was not disappointed:

1. Jeff Vyain – 1:31:41
2. Paul Kent – 1:32:10
3. Robin McGuirk – 1:38:07

Both Jeff Vyain and Paul Kent’s times speak for the themselves, this was no doubt an epic race at an amazing location, perfectly described by Alex Bangnoi:

 Ideal (weather) conditions…a gorgeoous setting! Imagine: the starting and finishing in front of the Statue of Liberty! Classy! What better motivation!

Alex Bangnoi went on to set himself a new personal best time (I think!) of 1:48:20, placing him in a solid 30th place out of 110 starters in the male category.

With around 6 minutes separating 2nd and 3rd place this was clearly a dual for the last lap or so as apparently both the front racers were working together to maintain pace…the following pick captures this:

But the race was worth it from the expressions at the finish line:

1st place Jeff Vyain:

2nd place Paul Kent:

All this makes for a great podium: Epic!

Adrenalina photo credits: ShRED Magazine

Let’s not forget the women – woop!:

1. Cami Best – 1:59:16_Bustin
2. Sara Paulshock – 1:59:48_Bustin
3. Priscilla Bouillon – 2:04:42

The full results are available here – only one rider from outside the America’s…there’s bound to be more hidden talent out there!

Those of us who couldn’t get to the race got to have the next best thing, a live report by PushCulture News, all the videos which were broadcast live can be seen at by clicking here. There are great interviews with the winners and many racers including  an epic 5 mins with Alexandre Bangnoi at 14m32! Bravo!

Other noteworthy people who were also interviewed are Dan Gesmer of Seismic and Jack Smith, the first person to cross America on a skateboard, and founder of this wonderful sport.

Another thing which has stood out is the amount of attention that this event got from the media, national and international alike:

Yahoo:  Bustin’ Boards Jeff Vyain wins Adrenalina Skateboard Marathon’s maiden NYC run
ESPN: Skateboarding meets marathoning in NY
Sports Illustrated/CNN: Adrenalina Skateboard Marathon

Also, what could be better than a picture in Times Square!

Congrats to all the participants, the organisers and everyone who is playing their part in making what distance skateboarding is what it is today and for continuing to push things forward. Bring on the next races, with hopefully one in Europe! Failing that, I’m going to get out there to the States in 2012 for sure!

4 responses

  1. Bevilacqua

    I watched it too, and though I got mixed up with older reports, I found it interesting.
    As you have it for title, seeing Adrenalina from an “upper view” looks like a bit of corporate agitation to start a new craze, while the company is suffering from a lack of visibility on its own future – as for the report of its auditor, getting upset with a growing concern on the liability of Adrenalina.
    If you read attentively the start list, you will not be surprised to find Ilia Lekach, 62, CEO of Adrenalina, former ceo of Parlux, nominee of the “worst ceo of year 2006” while attempting a LBO against Parlux.
    His time was 3h28: not bad at 62, but strong winds are blowing on the future of other Adrenalina races.

    On a lighter tone, I noticed a “Anthony Sutherland” from Ludry, CH : maybe you could try to get in touch ?

    August 4, 2011 at 18:54

    • Really interesting stuff – have emailed you about it.

      August 4, 2011 at 22:18

  2. Merci d’avoir placé ma photo au début de ton article! Mais c’est trop d’honneur! En tout cas ça fait plaisir!
    Sinon, je suis d’accord avec Bevilacqua: rien ne dit qu’Adrenalina poursuivra l’aventure et je ne connaissais pas le passé d’ Ilia Lekach, 62, former ceo of Parlux, nominee of the “worst ceo of year 2006″!
    Espérons que ce qu’il a investi dans ces marathons lui rapportera quelque chose et que ces compétitions existeront encore dans 10 ans! Surtout, espérons que d’autres investisseurs poursuivrons cette voie partout dans le monde, et surtout en Europe!

    August 9, 2011 at 23:21

    • Ca fait plaisir de te lire Alex – et c’est tout naturel pour la photo! Fingers-crossed qu’Adrenalina continue pendant longtemps! Le cas échéant, il y aura d’autres courses, d’autres organisateurs mais probablement moins de prize money…

      August 10, 2011 at 10:20

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