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Bearing love

Regular readers of this blog will know that I have a particular affection for bearings, especially when there are new developments or if I discover small manufacturers. If like me you’re a fan of SKF, Rockin Ron, and the now unfortunately defunct Garver, you’re in for a treat!

A couple of years ago there was  a craze in France called Tecktonik which gave birth to some pretty crazy dance moves.

Although for me the birth of this dance actually was unknowingly created in the UK by Tim Pritchard of PSD footstops ;-) , I never found out if it made it to the States.

One theory might say that it inspired some serious creativity in a particular laboratory in Boulder, Colorado, or maybe not, we’ll never know. The reality is that after hearing some sneaky rumours in the recent issues of Concretewave magazine  I just stumbled on this gem on the new Seismic website and got pretty excited to say the least:

What we are looking at here are two Tekton ABEC-7 bearings from a set of eight, viewed how they would be inside a wheel. I can’t wait to get my hand on these puppies!

Here is all the information there is about them at the moment (taken from the product description).

– Set of eight (8) bearings with integral flanged half-spacers.
– Breakthrough self-aligning design corrects for flaws in bearing seat levelness, bearing seat spacing, axle diameter and axle straightness.
–  Integral spacers end in wide, flat flanges that square up and self-stabilize inside your wheels. This means superior alignment and less internal friction, so your bearings last longer and your wheels roll faster with better grip.

The bearing behind the Official Downhill Speed World Record – 80.83 mph (130 kph) by Mischo Erban!

Love it!

Why not join in the discussion on Silvefish?


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