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Getting to know Helvetia and enjoying 8 hours of Pax

This is me, arriving one month ago, with four bags, having just left Paris – strange feeling :

Things I have done between then and now :

– Got lost in the Ikea time-warp for what felt for 2 hours and came out to find that 6 hours had gone
– Spent full days at work, followed by evenings building Ikea furniture
– Developed quite an nonchalant attitude towards the happy looking people putting up an Ikea wardrobe, ironically called PAX, which also means peace in Latin. It took us 8 hours in total, spread over two evenings and a Saturday morning…yay and not so peaceful!

– Learn’t some Swiss words, cornet (plastic bag) and the various interesting numbers, my new mobile number for example has 90 in it, which in France is pronounced Quatre-vignt dix (80-10, meaning 90). In Switzerland, they take a much more pragmatic approach, using Nonante (ninety).  +1 for efficiency!
– Learn’t that most social occasions here involve some kind of cheese fondue – awesome!
– Shouted from my balcony at a random longboarder that ventured down the road I live on, he either didn’t stop or was a little put off by my shouting.
– Worked a full seven days straight without a day off…until yesterday!

Needless to say that since recovering from my recent knee issues I’ve been itching to get back on board…it finally happened, my boards were built up, the sun was shining and all the Ikea furniture had been built. Lausanne is built on several hills, with roads mostly sloping towards the lake. So I stepped out of my door with my LBL Pusher and contemplated the route I would take down to a rather lovely stretch of cyclepath that I’d previously seen. To give you an idea, this is a typical street:

Hmmm…let’s say that a nice gradual descent to the lake is still in the process of being hunted out, I took what turned out to be a more direct route, frequently interrupted by me either bricking it, or simply just walking down what appeared to be a tarmacked cliff. Slide gloves are a must here, and I’m looking forward to getting more use out of mine.

I finally made it down to the lake and really managed to stretch my legs…I got a bit lost and ended up on a footpath with loads of women pushing prams. I felt a little out of place with my helmet and longboard…the view was nice though.

Still, after turning back, my eye got caught by a guy on a longboard going the opposite way. I decided to sprint after him for a chat as it was my first chance to speak to a local boarder and get the low-down. We skated a bit together and apparently a place called the ‘Vallée de la Jeunesse’ is where it is at. I’m looking forward to getting there and skating around in the car free area, although I’m not sure what it is…all should be revealed before long.

What comes down, must go up…when I’m out skating, since sometimes it is a rare thing that I get out I try and make the most of it and that includes skating uphill, it’s a good challenge and I like the exercise…the uphill on the way home was probably the steepest I’ve ever skated up (that sounds so extreme uphill skateboarding) but hey, each to their own. Saying that, I got cramp, felt like I was going to be sick and thought that I was going to pass out. Happy days! But 239m climb according to Runkeeper! Wooo! Right?!

I’ve got a feeling that Lausanne has got some tricks up it’s sleeve, and for the population size, I think that there are quite a few longboarders around…time will tell.


4 responses

  1. Bevilacqua

    Great !
    Watcha, Lausanne women are supposed to have the nicest legs in Switzerland, due to their frequent walking uphill, so what will become of you if you keep pushing uphill …
    Soon more to discover … Vallée de la jeunesse, Lapin vert, Casino, Ouchy, …

    March 31, 2011 at 00:11

    • That list is going to be a good starting point…thanks! I’ll try not to start with the Lapin Vert though…

      March 31, 2011 at 12:05

  2. Que c’est beau la Suisse!! Je n’y suis pas retournè depuis les années nonantes. Profites bien de ce beau pays et de son bitume.

    March 31, 2011 at 08:01

    • Merci Phildar! Tiens moi au jus si jamais tu es dans le coin…ce serait un plaisir de t’accueillir!

      March 31, 2011 at 12:08

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