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Clash of the titans

This needs no introduction…

So tomorrow morning at 1pm French time, the Adrenaline Skateboard Marathon will start. It’s already all over lots of different blogs, but I couldn’t not write about it given it’s importance. Representing from France will be Alex Bangnoi with whom I’ve had the pleasure of racing against in the past and generally promoting the the distance scene in Paris. They’ll be racing around streets like this on a Pavedwave approved course :

I helped Alex during his last training session on Sunday and I can say that he’s really put some miles in and it is really good that he’s gone over there to represent France. The beauty of this race is that people can speculate on who might win, but the truth is that except for a handful of racers, no one really know what will be pulled out of the bag on the day. With such a huge prize money and with racers present from all over the world anything can happen! Still, some pre-race jitters are to be expected given the line up on the front line:

1. Matt Elver
2. Paul Kent
3. Mark Schaperow
4. Alexandre Bangnoi
5. Kaspar Heinrici
6. Omar Fahmy
7. Conan Gay
8. Mason McNay
9. Evan Armbrister
10. Robin McGuirk (Nickname THE LEG)

I’d just love to be there as a fly on the wall and mingle with everyone who’ll be there…still there is talk that this might become a yearly event as part of some type of tour – with perhaps even a race in Europe! At the moment the Adrenalina Facebook group there are over 1800 ‘likes’ but only about 100 participants…hopefully there’ll be some strong last minute attendance from the locals! Hit up the Skatefuther thread or the offical Andrenalina twitter page for the latest!

On a more local level, Sunday will be the 2010 Riderz annual general meeting where we’ll be discussing what has happened this past year and put in motion new plans for 2011 – I’ll be representing the distance/LDP scene and trying to get some more events going. More info here.


One response

  1. LET’S GO ALEX !!
    Je savais qu’il avait confirmé sa participation.
    Classe. Il va vivre un sacré Week End !
    Impatient de voir les photos/vidéos.

    Sinon, sympa la photo de ton profil sur ce nouveau blog.

    A bientôt … ça approche !

    November 6, 2010 at 14:22

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