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LDP-ing accross Paris…

At the weekend it was the wedding of a very good friend of mine and longboarding compatriot, Tim Pritchard with whom I’ve shared many longboarding adventures. Understandably, we had other things on our mind for most of the weekend (me worrying about my best-man speech and him with the final preparations) but I spied Tim’s Subsonic Pulse. Obviously we had a couple of runs each on it. Here’s Tim at Goodwood:

I’m aching today. Yesterday I decided to further my journey into the world of pumping by using the Illuminati (see further on in the linked thread) to travel my usual 15km route across Paris back home. I’m a real novice when it comes to LDP (long distance pumping).

Being a Tuesday night, I stopped by the Trocadero which is the traditional place for Parisian longboarders to catch up and and skate. Longboarders are still a pretty rare sight in Paris, so anyone pumping with a specific LDP board is even rarer.

Overall, it was pretty grueling but very rewarding. I think that I must have pumped around 80% – 90% of the time. After setting off, aches and cramps soon set in my front foot, but I found that alternating pumping styles helped keep a rhythm up.

Technically speaking, I think my pumping styles varied from the classic ‘Hanging Loose’, to the more energetic ‘Shadow boxing’ and then as I gradually got more tired, an erratic mixture of ‘Tossing the baby’, ‘The Chop’ and my own personal ‘argh my legs are on fire’ – anything to get me home with minimum pushing. If these terms are not making any sense, then I suggest you read the technique descriptions here.

I made it up some pretty impressive hills and showed myself that I could pump more than just around the block. It was interesting to see the faces of people in traffic jams as I was pumping by too. Their reaction was a mixture of ‘what the $£#*!’, ‘is he alright in the head?’ and ‘how does he keep going?’. The novelty factor that pumping gives you, coupled with a certain freedom from pushing is the reason why I’m going to continue to experiment with LDP in the coming months…watch this space!

I wonder, are there any LDPers in Paris, or even in France? Is my crossing of Paris a 1st for French LDP?


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