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The growth of longboarding…

Below is a rather interesting video which no doubt most of your have already seen. Hosted by the Bustin Family, it gives a personal insight into the reasons longboarding is growing exponentially in all big cities. What better place is there than NYC to showcase longboarding? From what I have seen, there are few other places that are as forward thinking in terms of both board companies (Bustin, Earthwing) and events (Broadway Bomb, Warriors Race)…

A nice touch is that the insight comes through personal interviews with the riders themselves whilst the images of urban riding roll by. This results in a brilliant feeling of being almost personally shown around NYC from a longboarder’s perpective. To non New Yorkers like myself, almost all of the spots are unrecognisable. The tourist areas are missed out leaving only what I’m guessing is the cream of the crop of longboarding spots. If a similar video were to be made in Paris, I’m guessing only the Trocadero would feature…the rest would be the more secluded, secret spots.

The original question “what is the biggest enemy of the New York City longboarder?” gives extra depth to the unique aspects of travelling round NYC using push power, but the ‘Community’ section of the video highlights things that can be found around the world. The fact that longboarding attracts and embraces all different types of people with different abilities, the way each longboarder’s movements make for a ride so unique it’s almost like a signature. These two examples are only part of the reason I find this sport so addictive, but can also explain why creativity in all aspects of longboard can, as Solomon very nicely puts it “go forever”.

Some of the comments on Youtube ask why the riders aren’t all seen to be wearing helmets. This is a good question and appears to have been already addressed by Bustin via their Helmet Wearing Initiative.

I can’t praise and encourage this idea enough. As this sport grows, it is important for companies and individual riders to be aware of the influence that have on others (including the media) and that they should portray themselves as being responsible as well as gnarly.


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