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Strike tweaks – a revelation

I little while ago I wrote about my experience of the Bustin Strike. Last weekend I had a revelation…brought on by these bad boys – RII 42° baseplates:

Finally this board is behaving as it should be – it’s now nimble, ultra carvy (for that favourite sport of ours ‘Pedestrian slalom’) and mega responsive. Okay, so the more pernickety of you out there will say “it’s all about the bushings” and you wouldn’t be wrong but I’ve even had to take out the Sabre X-type cone bushings and use the purple Sabre barrel combo I’ve grown to love, It was just too turny otherwise. Thanks to Alpha Longboards for sourcing and getting these to me so quickly.

Quite frankly, I’m confused as to why are these boards sold with the 50° baseplates. This might also be stopping other riders from getting the best out their boards. I’m also wondering about the Maestro, it seems to have similar angles…this is by no means a dig, but I’m just curious as I’m sure that this must have come to light before now!



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