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Ok, so it’s been a pretty long time since I’ve posted any news. Apologies. First there was the business of some maintenance on the servers that host the Skatefurther main site as well as the blogs but that has now thankfully been fixed. Woohoo! There were also some travels…

So I left off last time with Goodwood roller marathon, which seems like it was ages ago.

Good times – and soon after came some very exciting news about the organisation of the Adrendalina Skateboard Marathon. The event is happening in Miami, Florida in November and is the first skateboard only marathon with a whopping $10,000 up for grabs for the winner. For up to date news hit up the discussion thread in the forum. Alex, with whom I went to Goodwood has registered for the race – I’m sure that all of us will support him and wish him best in the race!

It being Summer and all, as I mentioned earlier I’ve been on my travels. Although, these haven’t been specifically longboarding related, being involved in the sport means that you develop a certain approach when it comes to ‘sights’ or checking out veiws – I often catch myself thinking, that looks like an awesome hill, where would I go if I lived here, etc. Here are some of the highlights which you’d do well to checkout for yourself if you have the chance:

During 2004/2005 I lived in Grenoble and despite living so close, I only visited this city for what became a rather blury 24 hours. A couple of years on I decided to go back and re-visit this beautiful city. It is perfect for longboarding and has a flourishing scene not to mention an awesome longboard brand: Politic!

Lyon is the sometimes known to be the culinary capital of France, but It’s also home to one of the biggest longboarding shops in France – the CDK or Cri du Kangourou.

They have a brilliant range of gear and I spent an enjoyable time swapping stories with the guy who manages the longboard area of the shop.

I was luckily enough to spend last weekend in Annecy which is small but beautiful town a little South of Geneva. It is in the heart of the Alps and is situated just next to a stunning lake.

At the moment, I’m trying to scout out a place which could be suitable for an Ultraskate and I’d heard that there is a cyclepath with circles the entire lake. We had no trouble finding the cyclepath and it was an amazing 33km route next to the lake, surrounded by mountains.

Unfortunately, the route is not circular but still if you’re in the area it is well worth checking out what has been described as ‘one of the most scenic greenways in France’. So the hunt for a spot continues…if your in the area and need gear, be sure to drop in and see Bob at Alphalongboards.

Okay, this one is cheating as I live here, but still during the Summer months Paris-Plage (Paris Beach) comes to town. This basically means clearing the banks of the Seine of traffic and installing waterpoints, artificial beaches and picnic areas. A couple of weeks ago, I went for a relaxing summery ride…

The beaches have since been dismantled and the cars are back (apart from on Sundays!). Paris is also slowly filling up again as the people come back from their holiday homes and start work once again. September is now almost upon us and with it the coming of Autumn and Winter, bringing with it shorter nights and more rain. Depressing stuff, eh?

Not really, tonight at the Trocadero we’re having an impromptu ‘back to school’ session which promises to draw quite a crowd. All the old faces as well and some new ones will be there too…there’ll be talk of events and sessions to ensure that the last of the Summer is celebrated in style but most of all it’ll be a time to just get out and skate.


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