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So I’ve been looking at some rather funny ‘fail’ pictures but have not managed to find any that could capture the feeling of my GPS running out of battery after 6mins on Tues…ahem.

So last night everything was good, I had new batteries, my GPS found satelites and the traffic-light gods were with me, giving me many more green lights than red.

I’m pretty pleased with stats:

This is the time and distance my GPS calculated for my journey home (this doesn’t count time I was stopped, moving below 10kmh and the two times the GPS signal got dropped -grr)

Total time time I was stopped, moving below 10kmh or the two times the GPS signal got dropped. Check the ‘Total Dist’, pretty bang on with the Google Maps estimate! Nice!

The total time for my journey is therefore ‘Time’ + ‘Rest Time’ = 58:48:27.
Considering that it takes around 55min by public transport that’s cool – longboarding is really a viable alternative!

This is my average and max speed for the time I was moving during the (doesn’t take into account the 2 time I lost GPS signal) and does take into account time spent slowing down for traffic lights, predestrians, etc.

So I’ve just been calculating my performance from Goodwood last year:
Distance: 42.84km
Times: 2:11:58
Average speed: 19.4km/h

Taking the average speed from my trip home (17.6 km/h) that would mean that I would complete the marathon this year in 2:25:54 – one problem, I’ve already done it faster! So this means that my journey back from work is obviously not very representative of the speeds and conditions that are found on a track (phew!).

In order to get a 2 hour time at Goodwood I’ll need an average speed of 21.4km/h  – I’m going to try and find some nice open areas next week and get a better idea of my cruising speed in an environment closer to Goodwood.

All this does put things into perspective though, as Matt Elver (part of the Team that just smashed the JOGLE record) completed the marathon in 1:49:10, an average speed of 23.6km/h!


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