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Never two trips the same

So last night was the first time I’d longboarded for two weeks (I know, shock-horror) but it’s good to be back in the game. As I mentioned yesterday, I’m trying to get some miles/km in before Goodwood and making the most of the slightly quieter summer Parisian streets.

It’s not the first time that I’ve used the skate home to train but this time is I’m planning on doing it more often and use a route that takes in more cycle paths. Here is what I’ve found to work best:

The whole route is about 16km (10miles). The advantage of using cycle paths over normal roads is that you can get into a good rhythm since you have more space. Still it is not all plain sailing as the notorious Parisian drivers are always on hand with last minute braking, swerving and generally being a little unpredictable. Needless to say that you need to keep your wits about you. There are also the many traffic lights which slow you down…

I didn’t manage to use my GPS to monitor my progress (couldn’t get a satelite fix) so I have no accurate information on my distance or speed but I did get to re-live an aspect about this sport I’d forgotten. As well as being great fun and an effective means of transport, longboarding is:

A massive talking point:
We’ve all been in
situation when someone has stopped you and asked about what you’re doing. I can’t think why as most of the time I look a little crazy, sweaty and probably a little bit mad…

…I try and put forward a little information about this sport and tell people how I got into it and what I get out of it. It’s always nice to meet people and is a chance to changes attitudes – it can even create friendships. Yesterday, I chatted to a guy on a bike who said “you look exactly like you’d love parachuting” – I’m not sure how this is relevant to longboarding but I took it as a compliment!

People take notice:
I was almost home, just coming up to the hour mark after leaving and wanted to see how fast I could make it when a guy stopped me. He’d skated in his youth and wanted to find out more about longboarding, the cost of equipment, etc – we’re in an era where this sport is gaining momentum, appealing to more varied population and it is up to us to lead the way.

I told him about a couple of websites and the Tuesday night Trocadero meetings. He’s hopefully going to be there tonight to try out a couple of boards.

As a result of this, I got home not knowing the exact time it took (for those interested, probably just over an hour) but I did have two pretty enjoyable stoke-spreading conversations – something more important in my book.

Batteries permitting, my GPS is now working and I’m once again going to longboard home with a brief stop at the Trocadero to say hi to some peeps! Stats and stuff to come tomorrow hopefully…


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