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Well Summer is officially upon us and with that comes the chance for some to take to the road on longboard journeys. I wanted to make people aware of a couple of really great trips that are either already under way or starting very soon:

Orsum JOGLE:
This is the attempt by three guys from Plymouth (Matt Elver, Lee Renshaw and Charlie Mason) to break the current record for the time taken to go from John O’Groats to Land’s End. The record currently stands at 26 days to cover the 900 miles (1448 km) and so far they have covered about 300 miles (482 km) in six.

They aren’t only skating to break the record but also to raise money for a great charity: The Gogo Trust. The team is in safe hands though with Laura Hatwell from Team SkateFurther overseeing the proceedings and regularly providing updates with photos and current location.

More information can be found on their website and you can track their progress on Facebook. Inspiring stuff!

This coming Sunday (11/07/10) Sam Bartlett will be setting out from Hull
to push 300miles (482 km) across Britain unsupported and unaided ” all the way to Bournemouth.

Sam has managed to get some sponsorship together as well as drumming up some local interest. The Lord Mayor of Hull himself is going to officially start this trip off…well done Sam and best of luck! Sam’s trip is helping to raise money and awareness for Sustrans.

You can follow Sam’s trip via his blog and on Facebook.

Skating South
I’m really excited about this trip, purely because I’d love to do something like it one day. Skatefurther’s team members Ben Colchester and Rob Hanson as well as Zoltan Zagy will be leaving on the 26/06/10 from Trondheim in Norway for a seven week 1800 mile / 3000km skate adventure to Prague in the Czech Republic.

The scenery is sure to be amazing along the fast stretches of the North Sea Cycle route which they plan to take.

“Although our motives for embarking on this journey were initially selfish (our love affair with skateboard travel….) We sat down as a team and decided that we should use any attention that our trip might bring us to do some good. We had a bit of a think and decided to raise money for The Meningitis Trust

We chose this charity because of the experiences of John Sullivan (aka Duffer), a SkateFurther forum member and long time skater. He contracted meningitis last year and although he beat the disease, he is still feeling the after-effects (no Skating!!)”

Can’t wait to hear about how the trip goes! You can read more about this journey here or follow them via their Facebook group.

Run for Zimbabwe
Behind this trip are are four guys who are plan “
on longboarding a different country, every summer, to create awareness regarding the problems prevailing in Zimbabwe”. In 2009 this mixed German/Swedish team toured Ireland and this year they have their sights set on Sweden which they plan to conquer from 17/07/10 – 01/08/10.

In 2009 we toured Ireland, and initiated “Run For Zimbabwe” as a project that combines the joy of riding with a good cause. We took the pain and reached our physical limits for the reason of creating awareness for the people in Zimbabwe…1.100,00 € could be raised for the “Albert Street Refugee School” Project (see Elias Fund – Albert Street Refugee School Project).

In 2010 our challenge is to cross Sweden from Kappelskär (East Coast) to Varberg (West Coast), a distance of approximately 700 km, in order to bring the spirit of “Run For Zimbabwe” to this Scandinavian country.

It’s nice to see a trip coming from Europe! You can follow their project via their site or on Facebook. Perhaps they’ll bump into into the Skating South guys…who knows!

Pushing for Peace
On the 15/08/10 American
Mark Chavez will begin a 6,000 mile year-long journey across the United states from Bremerton in Washington to Augusta in Maine.

As implied by the name, I will be dedicating the trip to spreading peace as far as I can reach across this country. i was inspired by a john lennon quote, when he said that if everybody demanded peace instead of a new tv, then their would be peace.I will dedicate my time speaking to people about the necessity of peace, love, and compassion, and trying to find ways to express it to leaders from petitions, to encouraging others to send letters to their representatives, form peaceful rallies, and many other things…peace is a cause that I feel very strongly about and hope that I will be able to do something with my life to try and ensure a more peaceful world for future generations.

I wish Mark the very best during this very ambitious endeavour. Mark will be regularly updating his blog and you can also follow him on Facebook.

24h distance record attempt
The elusive but ever-impressive
Romain Bessiere is rumoured to be attempting a shot a beating the 24 hour distance record in Australia this Summer currently held by Paul Kent at 402.8km/250miles. The 24 hour trip is planned to take place between Perth and Brisbane with the validation of the Guiness book of records.

More information will probably surface on his blog at some point. Allez Romain!

As you should know by now, I am a fan of following trips such as the ones above, if there are any that I have missed let me know as I’d love to know what you’re up to…


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