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Push race training – hijacking the Wednesday night roller meets

On Wednesday, I rode my LBL Pusher for the first time since Skaiti – man I love that board. The reason I didn’t use my Strike is that I knew  that the evening’s skate wasn’t going to be relaxing. The reason is  that I was going to take part in one of the unofficial rollerblade meetings – the only one that accepts longboarders.

The last and only time I’ve taken part was back in November, before yestarday it seemed like every Wednesday was either rainy or snowy. I was keen to see if I was fit enough to managed it again.

I arrived and was the only longboarder there – people were friendly enough but I clearly was not expected to last long. After about an hour of pushing my heart out people started to ask questions – “do you use both legs?”, “Your bearings are pretty good aren’t they?” or “You can keep up pretty well, you wouldn’t get me on a longboard!”…it seems like I finally won them over.

Like the last time, the 2 hours were over in a flash and it was pretty much continuous pushing with very few breaks. The really great thing about this Wednesday night meeting is that the roads are cleared for you by the organisers so you can generally just charge through – it makes a big change from normal Paris riding which is dictated by traffic lights.

My guess is around 30km in around 1h45 (excluding breaks)…yummy. I’ll be taking my new GPS next time so I’ll be a little more precise with my distance/speed statistics.


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