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Venom SHR

It’s perhaps old news but I just found out today that Venom both has a website now here and also is making their bushing in a new “super high rebound formula” (SHR).

80A Olive Green
83A Yellow
86A Blue
88A Sea Foam Green
91A Dark Red
94A White
98A Gray

I’ve not tested these but apparently they have a formula which returns to centre quicker without having to over-tighten the bushing, thus loosing any dampening effect. As usual around these products there is a lot of hype (ZOMG!) but the initial tests seem to be pretty positive.

These might be interesting to try for LDP and slalom set-ups where rebound is a good thing – I’m not convinced that these bushings will make the ride of a board feel any more ‘cushy’ but who knows!

I’d be interested in hearing from anyone that has these…


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