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Greenskate Paris – it is on!

The Paris Greenskate is taking place on Sunday 18/04/10 and they’ve forecast some pretty good weather!

Meeting point: 1st hairpin on the banks of the Seine when leaving from Bastille (Metro station Sully Morland: here
The idea: An event organised as part of the Greenskate (http://greenskate.org/) open to all with several activities:


1/ An orientation race across the city
An orientation race with different checkpoints spread out across Paris making a course between 2km and 30km or more with everyone leaving from one central point


Start: from 11am with sign-up closing at 2.30pm – someone will be present all afternoon.
Finish: All participants must return by 4pm to be part of the finishers and from the prizes
Signing up: before the event on the Riderz topic and on the Riderz event to be created on Facebook –Navigo passes are to be left on signing up as we’re here to skate


– In order to confirm passage at a checkpoint a photograph of it must be taken
– 8 checkpoints (1 point per checkpoint)
– 2 bonus points for a photo of a specific object
– 2 special checkpointsl (value 2 points): for those willing to go the distance
=> Total: 14 points

Possibility to ride individually or in groups
The checkpoints will be communicated on the day

2/ “Chill Royal” at the hairpin
This is an ideal time to come and skate some cones, practise your dancing or slides in the (hopefully) sunny weather. Come and learn to skate and test Blackkross’s range of boards – boards can be borrowed in situ.


At the end of the day, everybody will come together to the starting point:
– Result will be presented, (number of points by participant), prizes will be given to the winner having obtained the most points followed by drinks and snacks.

Equipment: Camera (Mobile phone or digital camera) required, Paris map advised.
Disclaimer: Riderz declines all responsibility in case of accident, loss of personal belongings or public disorder.

Signing up to this event implies that you have read and agreed to this disclaimer
Helmet mandatory, kneepads, elbow pads, etc recommended

See you there!


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