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Ready, set, GO!

Skaiti is almost here and the total money raised has really exceeded all expectations which is great news.

In terms of personal preparation a very busy weekend schedule mixed with some bad weather has not helped to get my strict training regime off the ground. It hovered a little for a moment but then collapsed under the weight of many English cooked breakfasts…still, from what I’ve read, a 24 hour skate is as much about the mind as the body.

Last Monday I managed a nice little outing with my girlfriend for company who was on a Vélib’ , which itself is a great achievement as those bikes weigh in at around 25kg! So we went along this Greenway, out to Sevran past the different gypsy camp-sites and back again – so around 30km.

My food, is pretty much sorted – an assorted mix resulting from a decathlon raid and comfort food:

Camping stuff is sorted and the parcel we thought would never arrive did – behold the Skaiti steed (top right in pic) that I’ll be Bustin out on the track. Apologies for that really awful pun…this is all the gear I’m taking:

The boarding is in the traditional Pirate colours, it’s as low as possible, set up with 70mm Retro Zig-Zags, flipped Randal RIIs, a motley collection of riser pads and a clean set of Stage 3 Missiles. At the moment it stands around 70mm off the ground…hopefully I’ll take to it like a duck to water – I’ve not ridden it yet!

I’m also taking my LBL Pusher as I’m feeling like I want to have the option to swap back to a board I’m really used to. It’s the same setup as the Bustin except that I’ve got it down to an almost underground 30mm – any more and I’ll be scraping the deck!

Skaiti will no doubt be amazing…the turn out is going to be fantastic. Expect a full write-up about both the event and the board as soon as possible! Bring on the Eurostar at 19h13 and the next two meals of pasta!


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