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The race against time…

Is it true that the older we get, the quicker time flies by? I’m pretty sure that it is true as today I worked out through intense mental calculation that Skaiti is about 16 days away – only.

My ‘strict’ training regime is being hindered by multiple weddings on the run up to the event but my resolve to keep at it is still as strong as ever. I’m counting the two full English breakfasts last weekend as part of the training because of their high protein content, I’d perhaps better not mention the beer, oops.

Up until now my training has consisted of standing on the ball of one foot whilst balancing on one leg whilst brushing my teeth (thanks Tim for this tip)…try not to laugh

So anyway, my board has been making it’s journey with me to West Paris on the metro in the mornings, together with a backpack containing a change of clothes for the 14km skate home. It’s a original look as I am dressed for the office.

So the first ride home from work is happening weather permitting. I’m expecting to get lost but make the 16 or so kilometres in around an hour, getting back home with a smile on my face.

My friend Thomas who will also be coming to Skaiti has also started his training – first hurdle being to start longboarding for the first time in many years. The experience, in his words:

The first conclusion I came to is that its like riding a bike, you never forget how to longboard; the sensations are always the same despite not having touched a longboard for many years. However, the muscles needed to propel the board forward have forgotten their role and are ensuring in making their discomfort known.

This doesn’t stop me from mounting my board and bravely face the elements that mother nature puts in my path…the wind, the rain, the rough roads…I lasted around 50 minutes during which time I did about 13km.

All things considered, the result is pleasing as physically the body doesn’t seem to have too much trouble coping with what was asked from it during the session – even if the lack of training is apparent.  Having already clearly stated that I’ll not last the full 24 hours of Skaiti but ride as and when I want to (unless I succumb to Chris’s encouragements) , the result suits me fine.

Today, a full two days afterwards the results are a little different: I’m in pain. The muscles on my right leg, the one I use to push, are tense and constantly remind me that it had been a good while since they’d last gone through a similar ordeal – it serves me right. The pain means I hobble like doctor House…it appears that no sooner had I started my training that I am no longer fit to longboard for now, until the pain diminishes…we’ll see what Skaiti has to bring.

To be continued…


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