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Skaiti – I’m representing

I wrote about this event a little while ago here. Eurostar tickets and hotel accomodation for the Friday are now booked! Can’t wait to be skating on this:

I’m going to start reading the ultraskate bible in preparation for the event – this event is going to be such an awesome challenge! I’m aiming to do at least 100 miles / 160 km!!!

This event is turning out to be massive. There are now around 190 skaters/boarders signed up for this and all with the aim of raising money for Shelterbox. The original target of £1,960.00 (2,158€) has been smashed as the total now reached is £3,120.40 (3,436€)!

This has meant that enough money has been raised to already send four shelterboxes to Haiti, to house and support 40 people in need…let’s not stop there.

If you would like to make a donation, you can do so here – every little bit counts.


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