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Skaiti – Skate for Haiti

This is already one of the most exciting events to hit the UK distance longboarding scene as of late…

SKAITI is a 24 hour event taking place at Dunsfold Park Aerodrome in Surrey… on the famous test track featured on the BBC’s TOP GEAR!

For 24 hours, starting at midday on 10th April 2010 up to 250 skaters will have the permission to skate for as long as possible or non-stop for the entire event. The most exciting thing is that the track used will be none other than the TopGear racetrack.

Here is a video of what usually goes on there:


All skaters are welcome: young, old, families, longboarders, street skaters, slalomers, inliners, rollerbladers, rollerskaters…  everyone!


Jo, the organiser has already skated the track and what follows is his description of it:

I skated the track last week and it is perfect! Flat, wide and unbelievably smooth. The main runway is the width of six motorway lanes! The day we were there the track was very wet but no matter how hard I tried I could not get my wheels to slide. Big hard pumps in the wet and the tarmac was griptastic…it’s simply the best tarmac that we have ever skated.

The chance to skate for 24 hours on a private track is pretty unsual to say that least.  Participants are invited to to pitch tents beside the track during the skate so they can chill out when they need to. During the hours of darkness the runway lights will also be put on – it is going to be awesome.

The event will be in aid of Shelterbox an international disaster relief charity that provides emergency shelter to those affected by disaster worldwide.

Check out the website for more details. What do you reckon?


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