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Weekend round-up

I love it when things just come together.

After the frustration of many weeks spent waiting patiently for the weekend to arrive, only to wake up on both Saturday and Sunday with waterlogged pavements last weekend was for the most part dry. It was a good job too see as there was a lot on…

Friday – 29/01/10: Longskate video party

There were longboarding videos introduced by Pappy Boyington, there was beer and the venue was packed out with riders from all across France. It was great to see so many longboarders get together and share the stoke. Things got a little hi-tec as there was a live video link to Lyon the other the French Longboarding strong hold – you can see the screen on the right of the picture below).

As an extra surprise, a camera crew from the channel Sport+ were there (the evening is to feature in the show INFINIDADE on 10/02 @ 19:45).

The format of the evening is set to change next year to include videos from other parts of the world (hint, hint!)

Saturday – 30/01/10: PIF PAF ATTACK

At a secret location around the crack of dawn (at least it felt like it) riders gathered to tests their courage and ability to brave the cold. The first runs helped to clear the dusting of snow that lay on the track consisting of two hairpins.

The concept is simple, two riders, two corners and only one winner. A recipe for a morning spent mastering the hairpins and drifting technique.

Twelve participants’ names were drawn out of a hat and then racing commenced. A quick paper, scissors, stone game decided which side each person would be on. I was up against Greg from Blackkross, he won the 1st heat easily but in the second I would have, had I not stupidly slid out…boo.

Greg went on to win the mini-tournament, taking home everybody’s 1€ entry fee – lucky man. He deserved it though! Well done!

Sunday 31/01/10: Super Rando Riderz (SSR) 2.5

Every month on a Sunday these cruising sessions are organised following a pre-determined route around Paris. The aim is to encourage all longboarders from the Paris region to attend, whatever their level or experience. Members of Riderz are spread out amongst the group to stop cars and help those who might need it. Originally, this one was supposed to happen back in December but was delayed due to bad weather. There was a record turn out – around 30 longboarders of all ages.

The route – 24km around Paris’s quietest and smoothest streets:

On the way towards Bastille:

We finally reached the Trocadero where the monthly Pirate Slalom racing event was taking place. The guys from Blackkross were there with some tasty boards and longboarding bits and bobs (Sabre trucks, Cult wheels, bushings, bearings, etc).

Altogether, it was a great weekend and a good chance to catch up with friends whom I hadn’t seen for ages. It was also good to see so many people together enjoying longboarding and seeing the movement in full force and so many disciplines represented, DH, cruising, sliding, slalom…

I’ll finish this post with one of the stranger contraptions that was to be seen at the Trocadero:


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