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Pappy Boyington and the longskate video party

Upon arriving in Paris and new to the sport of Longboarding, I felt that what I was missing the most was information. A few searches on Google et voilà, I came accross Pappy Boyinton’s blog. Started in 2003, it’s one of the pillars of the French longboarding world.

I still follow it religiously and my lunchtimes wouldn’t be the same without Pappy’s regular posts. Back in 2007 the online magasine Naphte managed to catch up with one of the most iconic members of the French longboarding community  => click on the picture to see the full interview, both in French and English.

You might be wondering why I’m I’ve chosen to post this now, well tonight will take place the yearly Longskate video party!!!!

A competition was launched at the end of November to find the best longboarding videos from 2009. Anyone was free to submit a video to the blog.  Followers of Pappy’s blog were then called to vote for their favourite video in an online poll which was open all this week until last night.

There are several categories of videos:

  • The best downhill video
  • The best urban video
  • The best educational video (board building, board maintenance, trick tips, videos encouraging use of helmets and pads, introduction to longboarding, how to best flirt whilst longboarding, etc)
  • The funniest video
  • There is also a special prize, “The Audience’s Prize”, given to the video that gets the best score on the clapometre

In total there are 25 videos (8 for downhill, 8 urban, 6 humour and 3 educational) – all in all 01h42mn of viewing time!

How better to end this post, than with a glimps into what motivated Pappy Boyington to organise The Longskate video party (translated from his blog):

Despite the fact that there is an aspect of competition to the evening, the aim is to bring together a group of people who are passionate about longboarding sp that and enjoyable evening can be spent together watching some great videos on a big screen.  Its a laid-back event and there’s no prize money for the winners, but everyone is sure to leave with their fair share of stoke.

I can’t wait – see you at 8pm at La Cantada


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