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It’s still Winter but we’ve got carparks

As far as longboarding goes 2010 has been rather frustrating weather-wise with pretty much non-stop snow and rain. However, despite the wet pavements, this weekend presented me with another longboarding first.

Marvin from Bustin France organised a test session at one of the carparks in the La Defence business district. The idea had crossed my mind before but I’ve always gone for the option to be outside if possible. As I’d been getting itchy feet from lack of riding I jumped at the opportunity to see what was on offer.

I wasn’t disappointed as it was cavernous, empty and complete with classical ambient music! There were slightly downhill sections , followed by pumpable flat repeated over four levels:

Alternatively, a more direct corkscrew affair (weeeeeeee!) was also on offer even if it was pretty sketchy due to dampness, making the ride was closer to snowboarding than longboarding:

To top it all off, a nice lift ride back up to the top which is the ultimate in session elegance! Lines can be discussed and banter exchanged:

This place has got to become part of any future visit to Paris. Big thanks to Marvin for showing us this spot!


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