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Bonnes Fêtes à tous!

Christmas is so close I can almost taste it!
I’m off home to Noirmoutier where the priorities will be mostly eating and spending time with family so there won’t be much chance to longboard or access to the internet. NYE will be spent in Kendal (if there isn’t too much snow on the runway at Liverpool airport!)

I wish everyone a Happy Christmas and best wishes for 2010!

2009 has been a fantastic year for me in terms of longboarding – I wanted to thank the following people in no particular order for their kindness, enthusiasm and encouragement: everyone at SkateFurther, all the guys who participates in the Riderz SSR, Tim Pritchard, Hieko at Concretewave.de, Alex Bangnoi for making the trip to Goodwood possible, my girlfriend Faye for her kindness and patience, Pappy Boyington, LongTreksonSkateDecks for providing the original inspiration and Bevilacqua for his wonderful blog…I’m very excited about what 2010 will bring! Woo!


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