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French happenings – something to be excited about…

Ever had one of those completely unplanned evenings that turns out to be a corker? A little while back a normal Riderz meeting about future events took a little unexpected turn. Word was about that the guys from Bustin Boards were in Paris and we decided to go over to the Trocadero and see if we could catch them.

The word on the street was indeed true – and we had a fun time chilling with them.  A couple of the team riders were there and it was really was nice to meet them and talk about the Broadway bomb, distance skating, that kind of thing and get some gossip from the other side of the pond.

As it happens a collaboration was started that night to help get the French longboarding scene moving. There are quite a few longboarders here in Paris but access to equipment is pretty limited to online shops or completely overpriced Sector 9 boards. Out of this Bustin France was created with the aim of bringing a little more stoke to the French capital. More info here, straight from the horse’s mouth…


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