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Of Santa and stoke

It’s been a little while since I’ve written here, but it’s not for lack of wanting. The weather here has truly been atrocious – wet and windy. I’ve still not managed to buy any new shoes either so anything other than dry is a little risky due to slippiness. I’ve also been waiting excitedly for an event which took place last weekend…

My birthday present from my wonderful girlfriend was an organised weekend to Cologne. I’m a big fan of Germany, the beer, sausages, the frauleins but Köln is also home to other exciting things…Christmas markets and Concretewave.de a shop/webshop run by a great guy called Heiko!

Heiko has been on the receiving end of many emails mostly about setting up my Kaliber (see ‘In the beginning‘ section) and also helping out decision making with regard to my newest board which is not yet built and which I’ll keep a secret for now…anyway, I was really looking forward to being able to thank him in person and visit his great shop. For most of us, the occasions when we get to see so much longboarding gear in one place is very rare… I was not to be disappointed. Every square inch of the shop was crammed with boards (many of which made by Kaliber, the local board brand – only available from this shop as far as I know), trucks, bearing, wheels as well as a host of skateboarding memorabilia and trophies from past events such as the last Paris Slalom world cup…

I couldn’t go away from such a place empty handed so after chatting to a few guys I decided to buy a set of Orangatang Durians and set of the new 87a Venom bushings (I’m feeling the need at the moment to collect bushings) as i was curious to see how they felt. Free glüwein and Christams biscuits were being given out as well as a 10% discount so I couldn’t help myself…

I’ll be doing a full review of the new equipment as soon as the new board is set up.

On the way back we popped into the nearby Wienachtsmarkt (Christmas market) for another little glüwein (it was cold – that’s the excuse!) and a dumpfnüdel – you’ve got to love the German vocab as it describes it so well! It’s a stodgy pudding with custard and cherries…


I’ll finish on another amazing German snack whilst I’m on the subject…introducing the Bier and Bretzen combo!

So, all in all, not a longboarding-specific post but hopefully an enjoyable one none the least. If you’re ever in Cologne a visit to Concretewave.de should be in the top three things to do for anyone longboard orientated. Prost!


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